Nairobi Kenya

This Sunday we were at Elevation Church for the second time. Aside from seeing our projects here, I would love to take every one of my friends to a lively Kenyan Church, and believe me, Elevation Church is totally alive. Here you’ll find a classic Kenyan Worship Service– a combination […]


My heart is so full! Today we had our 3rd Annual Network Partners Conference. Last night there was a powerful rainstorm that caused flooding all over the city of Nairobi. Buildings were knocked down by the force of raging waters moving through all parts of the city. This morning there […]

Annual Report on Many Projects

Valerie spent the morning doing one of her favorite things, “Jesus Shopping”. Yesterday and today she was out buying new/used clothes for all of our orphans. Today we spent another wonderful day at the children’s home. Valerie’s shopping seems to be especially blessed. Again today, she bought 18 new outfits […]

Jesus Shopping