It Takes a Miracle

Just picked up Kathy Pryor at the airport. She is in town just for one day to work some things out with the land office regarding their YWAM base. “Work some things out” rolled off my lips very easy, but believe me “It takes a miracle” to accomplish almost anything here in Kenya. As a matter of fact, Kathy and I agreed, that the slogan for anyone trying to do anything in Kenya should be “It takes a miracle”. When I think about it, the Lord has worked out a whole lot of miracles for us. So many things have worked out and all the glory belongs to Him.

Feeling tired and a bit shaky after arriving back in Kenya last night. I usually try to ignore jet-lag, but the turn around time was so short this time and it has had a dramatic effect on this old body. I left Valerie behind in Indianapolis. She is working with her brothers and sisters to get her father’s house cleared out. They hope to have the job done by next Monday. Then she will return to Kenya to resume our agenda.

Tomorrow is a big day for us! Our entire Worldcomp team will be travelling with the Northwest University Nursing team to put on a Medical camp for a Masai Community in a remote region. Pastor Ben Sterciuc, who is heading up the Northwest Team and his friends are building a medical clinic to serve the Masai. It is a vital work since there is no other medical facility within 60 miles of this place. The structure of the building is up and the roof is on and, though it is not finished, it will be more than adequate for one of our medical camps. We are filled with anticipation because this will be the first medical outreach ever held in this community. Along with our medicine and our medical care we will be sharing the message of the gospel. Please pray for us as we reach out to the Masai. Pray that we will be anointed and wise in how we present the gospel. I know of no other people group who need the gospel more than the Masai.

One of our Nurses, whose name is Hiro Mizoe, fell sick this morning. She passed out and was incoherent for several hours. She is being examined as I write this. From all appearances she is dehydrated. We are making arrangements to leave her behind tomorrow and want to make sure she is fully cared for. Please keep her in your prayer for the next four days.

I want to ask you for your help. As we are going over the budget for the next month, we have come to realize that we will need about $6000 more to finish our assignment here. Garth and Danielle Neufeld will be joining us on March 20th and will travel with us to visit all of our projects here in Kenya. Most of our extra expenses are due to travel. I am however praising God that all of our expenses for our trip back to Indianapolis were paid out of my father in law’s estate. Valerie’s brothers and sisters wanted to do this for us and we so appreciate it. We have quite of few people who help us financially so I am hoping that many of you can give something to help us finish the course. Thank you for giving this some thought and prayer.

Here’s the giving information again:
Give by mail at:
Worldcomp Kenya Relief
7758 Earl Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

Give online at:

Thank you for your support of this work. Together we are making a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people.

Blessings to all