A old woman camp in to the medical camp yesterday. We called her “Grandmother Masai”. I have no idea how old she was, most likely, she didn’t know how old she was either, but I would guess her age at somewhere between 95 and 100. She was a tiny woman […]

Grandmother Masai

Just picked up Kathy Pryor at the airport. She is in town just for one day to work some things out with the land office regarding their YWAM base. “Work some things out” rolled off my lips very easy, but believe me “It takes a miracle” to accomplish almost anything […]

It Takes a Miracle

Hello Friends: Below is Laurra McGregor’s Report from yesterday. It’s good to have a woman’s perspective on what’s going on. Blessings to you all Richard LAURRA’S REPORT Currently it’s Monday at noon. Our day has already been full but before I tell you about today, I’d like to finish my […]

Laurra Reports 3/17