A Prayer Guide


In 48 hours we are off to Kenya with a construction team of 9 people who have a passion to touch the lives of orphans and widows. We will be working alongside construction workers from the Kakamega area to put up 3-story, 20,000 square, foot building that will be the future home to 75 to 100 orphans.

It’s been amazing to watch the Lord put together the finances for this project during this last year. Many of you have been channels of His resources to make this dream a reality and we can’t thank you enough.

Attached you will find an itinerary and prayer guide of the daily activities of the next three weeks. Please email me, if the Lord gives you a word or puts something specific on your heart.

After this first three weeks, Valerie and I will stay on in Kenya for several more months to visit our many projects and to start the construction of a major well project at the site of the Masai Girls Rescue Center. This well will supply life-giving clean water to a thirsty community of Masai’s and it will provide sustaining income for the Girls Rescue Center.

Blessings to all

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Prayer Guide and Itinerary .docx