Vying for the Trophy

Val and I spent the day today watching the kids from our slum school compete in a district sports tournament. Our Lenana “Rhinos” took the first place trophies in Volleyball and in Netball. They also came in second in Soccer and Handball. The school came out in force. Several hundred of our kids cheered and sang on the sidelines to support their team. Both Valerie and I are now sunburned, but it was a small price to pay to support a group of kids that we have known and love for more than 7 years now. A number of kids from our team have now been chosen to represent the district at the County games and have the opportunity to be on the National Team. We are like proud parents!

A recent graduate from Lenana whose name is Rowan, joined us on the sidelines. He is now in his second year of High School. Valerie and I were so impressed with this young man. You should have seen him leading the student body in cheers, encouraging each member of each team and helping with the coaching. We learned later that Rowan recently had to leave high school because he could not come up with the $120 for school fees required by the school, so Valerie and I both felt that we should step up and help him. He will soon be back in class. I believe this boy is going to be a powerful Christian leader here in Kenya.

I have included a picture of Rowan and Valerie and a picture a picture of our players.

Tomorrow we are up early to catch the 7am flight to Kisumu. We will be sharing at the Solid Rock Widows Conference in Majengo, doing all we can to help and bless these precious women.

Love you all
Richard and Valerie