When the Lord Builds a House

On Sunday March 23rd we spoke at the little church that meets at our Children’s Center in the Kibera Slums. We had a remarkable time in the church. The sense of God’s presence was so evident. As we closed our time there we had a time of intercession for the church. As we prayed I had a powerful prophetic sense that in the near future Pastor John was going to be giving oversight to many little churches inside Kibera. I was very please by this thought because John is a very well balanced pastor who will teach the Word of God with integrity. Yesterday Pastor John came to our apartment and said he had a very powerful testimony. The Sunday following our visit and prayer time they had 17 new visitors and every member of the church showed up for church. They had church members had to stand to make room for them and they had to move the kids out of the room to accommodate them all. John said; “It was a very busy week, so we had no time to even go out and invite people. It seems that the Lord went out and invited people.” Jesus said; “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me”.

We have Mama Nancy Odwaro staying with us for the last 3 days. He son in law Eddie, daughter Faith and their new baby are also with us. They are so happy and blessed that the Lord worked miracles to get them out of Ukraine just before Russia took over Crimea. We were having breakfast at a local cafe a few days ago and unbeknown to us, Eddie had invited a friend of his come by the cafe and meet him. He had intended to drop us off at home and them meet his friend, but we were delayed so his friend showed up at our breakfast table. After introductions, Valerie asked the guy what he did for a living. “I work in the Presidents office as a lawyer for his cabinet”, he said. Valerie quickly told him that she had had a dream that she would be meeting with the president to give him a bracelet and pray for him. She explained that she had been directed to the Chief of Protocol to handle her request. This brother said “No! That is not the way! You need to send an express letter to the President’s Chief of Staff. I am his good friend and I see him everyday, so I will call him and tell him your letter is coming.” Valerie then began to share the Lord with this young man. He was a Catholic who had no understanding of the plan of salvation. Valerie prayed with the guy and the next day he called Eddie to tell him that his life had been powerfully effected by his encounter with us. He had already spoken to the Chief of Staff about meeting with us.

That afternoon we sat down and wrote a letter to the President telling him all about the word that Valerie received that “the message of the gospel being hidden in the colors of the flag.” The president is currently out of the country so we will not be able to meet with him, but we have the assurance that Valerie’s message will get him soon. Valerie is feeling like a great burden has been lifted from her shoulders and that the work of the Lord has been done.

We are currently packing up our apartment, but the works of the Lord continue to roll. God is good, all the time.

We’ll be home soon. Thank you for your prayers and your words of encouragement.


Richard and Valerie