My Oh My


As we began our camp this morning the sound system was at full volume. The song that was playing was Andre Crouch’s: “He has done great things, bless His holy name”. I was just overwhelmed with gratitude and awe at all that the Lord has done in these last few years. We have now ministered to over 65,000 patients in our medical camps. By God’s grace we have served 300,000 meals to children in the slums. We have helped to start over 400 business for widows and people with AIDS. The wells that we have dug are serving tens of thousands of people who have no access to clean water. We have two tuition free schools that serve 525 children and we have dramatically improved the lives of hundreds of incarcerated teenage boys at Shikusa. We have more than 200 Kenyans who have joined Worldcomp to help us with our projects. And most important, we have seen thousands of people accept Christ. And that is just the main page. Countess other things in the sidebar!

He has done great things! Yes! He has done great things! Bless His Holy Name.

We are on the front lines and there are hundreds back home on the supply lines. Together we have made a big difference in the world.


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