Memorable Moments

Yesterday, as we made our way out of the Nairobi game park we came to a very remote watering hole in the farthest corner of the park. It was a place we have never seen before. Around the watering whole were a vast number of big birds; storks, cranes, and other big white birds. From a distance they looked like penguins standing on the shore. Then in between the birds were hundreds of animals; zebras, gazelles, wildebeests, antelopes, elams and heartbeasts. As we began to make our way around the watering hole we saw a huge crocodile up next to the shore with his mouth wide open, hoping to catch a bird. Corbett has some great pictures of this. Then all of a sudden we saw something red reflecting the sunlight at the other end of the lake. As we moved closer we found that it was a small red car down at the waters edge. Behind the car was a man waving his arms for help. He was afraid to far from the car because he was surrounded by wild animals. Here was a young man from Virginia in a new rental car, who had made a dumb decision. He tried to cross the little channel at the end of the lake and had buried his wheels in the mud. He was alone in a remote place full of wild animals and he had no cell phone. He told us he had been praying and panicking for over an hour. I don’t know if panic and prayer belong in the same sentence, but maybe it does because we were the answer to his prayer. All we had in the car was a small little quarter inch rope. We doubled it up and prayed over it, because it was going to take a miracle for this little rope not to break the minute we gave it a pull. Corbett, Del and I got in front and pushed while our driver gave it a tow and to our utter amazement and delight the car lifted up out of the mud and was free. It might not seem like a miracle to you, but it sure was a miracle for the man from Virginia. We all stood around for a while and thanked the Lord. It was a great way to end the trip with Del and Corbett.

Today we went with Nancy Odwaro to attend to a very important matter with her. Her situation is something that I would like you to pray for. Nancy’s daughter Faith, is a doctor who was trained in Ukraine. Last year she made the decision to go back to the Ukraine for more surgical training, and her husband, Eddie, went with her. While they were there, Faith gave birth to a new baby boy. Just now the situation in the Ukraine is very tense and Faith and Eddie have decided to come home. But Ukrainian immigration has informed them that they cannot take their baby boy home with them without a number of documents. They need their marriage license and it has to be authenticated by the Kenyan Government and the Ukrainian Embassy here in Nairobi. Now I have mentioned before how difficult it is to get anything from the Kenya Government. So today I put on my suit and Valerie and I went with Nancy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then to the Ukrainian Embassy. The reason I put on my suit is this; Here in Kenya, government officials will keep a poor widow waiting all day and then tell her to come back next week without a second thought. But they think twice about keeping an American in a suit waiting for 20 minutes. Nancy had spent the day yesterday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs trying to get some important papers signed, but she was told that she would have to go the Supreme Court building and get them to give her some papers first. Then she was told to come back tomorrow. God was surely with us. We went down to the Ministry of Foreign affairs and in 25 minutes we had our papers signed and authenticated. Then we went to the Ukrainian Embassy. Believe it or not the office hours for the Ukrainian Embassy is 10 am to noon and we arrived at 12:15 pm. Fortunately Eddie himself had called the Embassy from the Ukraine just before we arrived and pleaded with them to stay open for a little longer. They received us, but again it was challenge. First of all they asked Nancy to pay $480 just to get the to sign the papers “today”. They called it an “express charge”. The kicker was this! We had to go several miles down the road and pay the $480 at the Standard Charter Bank and then bring the receipt back before Nancy could have her papers. We thought our goose was cooked, but with Valerie praying up a storm every step of the way the Ukrainian Consulate, the big man himself waited for us for several hours and we picked up the documents at 3:15pm. God is good! As the song says “Our helper He amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing.”

With the help of our friend Matt Misselbeck those who wish to give to our projects can now designate their gifts to a specific project. We certainly could use your help. Listed below are our present needs in order of priority
* Our new Orphanage: Now in the final stages of preparation we need to buy all the furniture and equipment to serve these kids
* Our Children’s Feeding Programs: We have recently expanded by 75 kids and the prices of food are steadily rising here in Kenya
* Concrete for the Solid Rock Widows Center to finish their facility
* Building Improvements for our Kara Kibera Children’s Center
* Medicine for our upcoming medical camps in August
* Richard and Valerie’s Mission Support: Our stay in Kenya has exceeded our budget especially in the area of transportation and rent.

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One last Announcement: RESERVE THE DATES: For those of you who have been waiting to here the dates of our upcoming August Medical Camps
The dates of our 2014 Medical Camps will be AUGUST 8-23. Please reserve the dates. More information on this in a few weeks.

Blessings to you all

We love you