Home of Grace Orphanage Video

House of Grace Orphanage from WorldCOMP on Vimeo.

On our final visit today to the Worldcomp Orphanage we brought 30 children’s books that I had purchased in a second hand store nearby. There was not a single book yet at the Orphanage. Actually I thought the books would be a non-event for the kids, but I was shocked when the children grabbed at the books as if they were fine chocolate. This is something I have never seen in my world. Once we passed out the books the kids just sat around the table reading, looking at pictures and laughing. Several of them did not know how to read so they just looked at the pictures and made up their own stories. They didn’t want to stop for dinner. I took a lot of pictures because I just had no idea how much these books would mean to the kids. Valerie and I have grown to love these children so much. We also admit that we look forward to the way they charge at us to hug us every time we arrive.