Visiting the Widows In Their Affliction

Valerie has gone to Majengo to meet with the 13 Board Members of the Olive Branch. Olive Branch is the microfinance program connected to the Solid Rock Widows Center. Each of these 13 women is a captain over a large group of widows. We at WorldComp consider it an honor to serve these precious widows who have such a hard life in Kenya.

Valerie always gives these leaders a financial gift when she meets with them. She gave each of them a gift bag and a card with $50. Not much for us, but a great deal for them. When Valerie told me that she wanted to give each one $50, I told her I didn’t have the money, but lo and behold, Matt Jensen was overhearing our conversation.

“You know I just got unexpected money from a tax-return,” he said; “I’ll give you the money!”

When they received the money they just erupted in praise. Then they began to crowd around Valerie to tell her how Worldcomp has changed their lives. “We used to be beggars” they said, “but now people are asking us, “What is your secret, what has made you so different?” All we can say is “God is our husband and we know that he loves us!” They pray for us every day because since we have been coming and blessing them, God has used the gifts we have given them to lift their faith and given them confidence that God loves them.

Several years ago we felt directed of the Lord to give 1000 Schillings (ten dollars) to several hundred widows. I gave them a word of encouragement to told them to ask the Lord how they might use this money to buy something that they could use to improve their lives. One lady said, “I had nothing, and I asked God what to buy. He told me to buy a hoe. So I bought a hoe and I named it “Veguza”. Veguza is the name that the Kenyans have given to Valerie and it means “Seed Planter”. So I took my hoe and I planted a field! That field has yielded a harvest like I have never seen before and it continues to yield a harvest that no one can believe.”

Two of our friends from the US bought one of the ladies a goat. “This goat has born three kids a year, rather than the normal two,” she said, “so in just a few years I have a whole herd of goats”. Almost all of them have stories like this of how God has blessed the works of their hands and caused them to prosper. There are no people on earth who are more grateful for the gifts you have given.


Yes! I know pride is a sin, but I have to confess to a great deal of pride in our Kenya team. The amount of work they have done is incredible and believe me when I say this is very hard work in very hot conditions. The foundations and first floor of the building are now taking shape. Within a week they will be pouring the slab for the first floor. If you should happen to see any of the 9 souls that made this trip, please give them your respect and admiration.

More later