Update on Obayo Surgery


Today a dear friend of ours brought over $600 to help Simeon Obayo get his emergency knee replacement surgery. Along with it, she shared this story: The other day she was looking through old notes. She opened a journal from 20 years ago she found six $100 bills. She then had a strong feeling that the Lord had put this money in her hands to help someone with an immediate need. That same day my urgent request for financial help for Pastor Obayo’s knee surgery arrived in her inbox and she knew that this was where the money should go.

At this point we have $3450 of the $12,000 needed for his surgery.

The situation is a dire emergency so in spite of the fact that the cash is not in hand, the family members have managed to arrange for the surgery to proceed tomorrow, by making promises of payment. One of his daughters is taking a loan out on a piece of land, another is selling an old car, and other’s are scrambling to see where they can find some money to contribute.

If you feel a response to help please respond:
Send contributions by mail to:
Worldcomp Kenya Relief
7758 Earl Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

Or give immediately online at:

Thanks to all

Richard Vicknair