If I Can Lie For You

There is a story about a Kenyan man who became the assistant manager at a large department store in Kisumu. He worked for a rather harsh Asian man who was very demanding. One day while the assistant manager was in the office the phone rang. When he answered the phone, it was for the big boss. When the big boss found out who it was, he whispered to the assistant manager, “Tell him I am not here!”. The assistant manager held the phone for a moment and finally he handed the phone to the big boss and said; “You tell him you are not here!” When the big boss was finished with the call he immediately told the assistant manager that he was fired. The assistant manager said; “Yes Sir, but before I go let me tell you one thing. If I can lie for you, you can be sure I will lie to you, and because of my faith I Christ I will not lie.” The big boss stared at the man in wonder for a long time and finally said; “O.K., I am sorry, you are not fired”. He knew that he had found something very rare in a man; a man with genuine convictions, who he would be able to trust without question.

Now I don’t know who this man was, but I have made him famous in Kenya, because I have told this story about 50 times to various groups of people. The only way there will ever be an end to the corruption in the culture is for a large number of individuals to find the faith to be genuine men and women of God. We have got to push back on the work of the enemy and take back the culture.