Bearing Fruit that Remains

Our team is now seeing the fruit of the love we have shown the Kenyan workers on the job site. Yesterday one of the workers, Nathan, came to us and said he wanted to receive Jesus and today we have been so touched as others have come to us for prayer.

Corbett fell into a hole and skinned himself and had to come up for some first aid. Little did he know that God was setting up for a divine encounter. Just as he finished his first aid, a worker named Moses came around the corner and said; “For the last few days I have been thinking about the things Mama Valerie shared with the group about receiving Jesus, and I am now ready! Corbett, Dave and I prayed for him and he sincerely opened his heart to the Lord.

Two minutes after that a young man named David came for prayer. David has been someone special to our team. His heart is truly for the Lord and his spirit is very precious. He came for prayer that God would give him faith and wisdom for his life. He told us that his mother was into witchcraft and he felt the burden very strongly to lead her into the Lord way. All of us were moved to tears as we prayed for him. We have a strong feeling that this brother is going to be used by God here in Kenya in a very special way.

Each Kenyan worker on the site pays 50 schillings ($.50) for their lunch. They eat the same thing every day. They call it “Concrete”, but it is actually beans and corn cooked together in a kind of a dry mix and they eat it with their fingers. Yesterday we decided that we would pay for all their lunches for the next four days. These gestures of kindness mean a great deal to them. The entire team is ready to come home, but all of them will miss the deep and meaningful fellowship we have had with these wonderful people.

Our day today ended abruptly because of a torrential rain that showed up at 4 pm. When we got back to our hotel, we found that a road grader had wiped out the driveway in front of the hotel. The only way in was to scale a three-foot embankment in an unbelievable downpour. We literally had to pull each other up the bank and then scramble through the rain to our rooms. There was no water in the hotel so several of our guys put on their swimsuits and took a shower in the rain. Oh to be young again!

Valerie was gone today with Nancy Odwaro. They drove to the city of Necatch to visit their dear friend Dina Ocholla. Val told me that she has a wonderful story to tell me when she gets back tonight, so I will post it in my next post.

Some of you may think twice about coming to Kenya due to all my details, but believe me, this is fun.

More later