300 meals for hungry kids for $33

WorldComp Kenya Relief International’s

I listened to an ad for a local mission which said "$1.89 will one provide a meal for a homeless person in the city of Seattle." Well, that same $1.89 will provide a healthy meal for 17 hungry children in the slums of Kenya. For most of these poor children it will be the only meal they have to eat that day. That’s right! One meal for a hungry child cost us 11 cents. Think of this: For $33.00 your can provide 300 meals for children who live in absolute poverty and think of this: $330 will provide 3000 meals! That’s a wow, isn’t it?

During the month of December we try to raise $10,000
which is half of the funds we need to continue to feed the 650 kids we serve everyday
Our staff in Kenya buys, cooks and serves this food every day of the week.

Please consider joining us in this years’ Somebody Cares Campaign

Give online at: www.worldcompkenya.com/give
Or send contributions to:
Worldcomp Kenya Relief
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