You Can’t See the Tree For The Forest


There was an unusual peace over our camp today. The fact that it was our first day of camp makes this especially significant. Somebody must be praying for us! If that’s you, we thank you so much. I also learned today that a number of our Worldcomp staff have been fasting and pray for these camps. I am reminded that the “effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much. I know! It’s sad that I need to be reminded of that, but there you have it!


There is a real downside to treating large groups of people. They tend to become a sea of nameless faces and there is little opportunity to explore their personal side. The forest is so big that sometimes you can’t see a tree. Each of these precious people has a name and a personality and a story. Life is very hard here in Kenya so many of their stories are colored by the hardships and cruelties of life, but beyond that, there lies a unique and special person created and loved by God. I have to keep reminding our team and myself to single out people and ask them about their lives. I have come to realize the utter importance of having quality time with as many as we can. This is the only way we can impart to them the things that really matter. What I am saying is true anywhere in the world. We are so caught up in the business of life and so accustomed to paying no attention to people, that we miss the divine appointments of life. If we are willing and wanting to love other people then I am convinced that God is more than willing to be our secretary. What I mean by that is he is eager to set up divine appointments for us in life. May the Lord help us to change our patterns in life and make people a priority.

I have enclosed a picture of Dr. Sapna Jain hard at work at her station. What a blessing she is.

Thanks again for your support of our work and for your prayers. We all feel very much loved.

More tomorrow.