If You Fail the Plan, You Plan to Fail

First of all I want to thank Melinda Jolly for heading up our prayer covering. She and a group of volunteers have commuted to keeping us in prayer during the next few months. And believe me, we can feel it! For several days Valerie was suffering from and unexplained high blood pressure and heart palpitations. We thought the problem might be some medications she was taking, but on Sunday night while sleeping she felt the Lord lay his hand on her heart. She felt and immediate peace. In the morning she said “I think I am healed”. Sure enough a few hours later we had her blood pressure checked and it was perfect. She has had a complete turn-around and her energy has returned. We pray that the power of God’s healing will spread to all around us. Thank you Lord and thank you friends for praying for us.

The last few days have been busy as we have been getting everything set in our apartment, making phone calls to set up our upcoming agenda and going over the schedule to make sure that everyone is on the same page. I mentioned earlier the spirit of “Chaos and Confusion” that rests on all the systems in Kenya! Knowing this, we take great care to redundantly communicate and make sure that everyone is clear about dates, times and duties.

The projects we are involved in require great attention to detail. When we put on a medical camp, for instance; someone needs to inventory all our supplies and medications, someone needs to shop for the right meds, someone needs to call and coordinate with the medical team, someone needs to estimate the number of patients, another person needs to go to the site several times to organize the facility and make sure we have enough rooms, another needs to organize volunteers who will take registrations, manage the crowd and serve. Then there’s transportation and other logistical challenges. I could go on, but I feel my blood pressure going up as I write this. All of this has to be done in Kenya, a place where Murphy’s Law is always trying to rule. Murphy’s Law? “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. It is a testament to the goodness of God and the good training of our staff, that we have managed to make so many wonderful things happen so efficiently. God is good, all the time!

So these first few days in Kenya are being spent making sure, that we make sure, that everything and everyone is ready to minister to those who so critically need care and love.

Wish you were here to help with the details. Perhaps next year!

Richard and Val

P.S. Val and I want to give glory to God. Several days ago told you we needed $4000 for special projects. And guess what! Over $7500 came in! Don’t you “Not” hate it when that happens?” Now if you meant to give but haven’t got around to it, please don’t let this good news keep you from giving, because the needs here are beyond measuring. Bless the Lord, O my soul! Let all that is within us bless his holy name!