What a Story

Hello Friends at Home: I’ve gotta write this story while it is still fresh on my mind:

Val left at 9am this morning with Kevin, our driver, to speak at a women’s meeting at the Kimbo Church. Before they left Del Irwin felt led to give Kevin a Time to Revive Bracelets along with the companion New Testament that he just happened to have in his pocket. Del shared with Kevin that the scriptures on the bracelet are from The Roman Road to Salvation and he showed him how to use the bracelet and the Bible to lead a person to the Lord.

Well, 20 minutes after Valerie left, I got a call from Pastor James Wasonga at Kimbo Church. “Is Mama on the way”, he asked? “Yes!” I said, “She left 20 minutes ago.” Then he told me this story: Several months ago a local news station came to his church and said “We want to film one of your morning services and show it on national TV. “Fine”, James said “Let’s go for it”. They filmed the service and showed it on TV last Sunday. Now a man who has in has been in prison in Mombasa for 9 years (since he was 20 years old) watched the broadcast. Following broadcast he was absolutely struck by the Holy Spirit. He went to the prison officials and said “I have to see this pastor in Kimbo, because I have go get saved”. To his, and everyone’s surprise, the prison warden said “O.K.! Since you want to get saved we are going to let you out of prison, but you must go straight to your home town of Eldoret and report there.” No! The man said, “Please, first let me go to Kimbo and get saved!”. They finally agreed, so the man jumped on the bus and arrived yesterday at Kimbo Church. Unfortunately Pastor James was sick yesterday, so he was not in. But the man slept on the doorstep of the Church and waited. This morning as James came to work, the man was there waiting for him. He told James his story and James had a flash! He told the man that the same woman who prayed for him to receive the Lord 34 years ago in Kisumu was on her way to the church and he wanted her to pray for the man.

Valerie arrived and was immediately presented with the opportunity to lead this man to the Lord. Turns out his name was also Kevin! When Valerie heard this she immediately knew should use the bracelet and Bible that Del had given to the other Kevin to lead the man to the Lord. She took him through the Scriptures and he got down on his knees and passionately accepted Christ. James then referred him to a pastor in Eldoret, gave him the bus fare to go home and he was on his way with Jesus.

Following all this Valerie spoke to the women and their response to her message was absolutely incredible. For her it was like an “out of the body” experience. She came home with Kevin overjoyed and excited to share her story with us all.

God is good! All the time.

All our love Richard & Val, Del and Corb