The Way-Forward Conference

Worldcomp’s “Way Forward” Conference

Hello Friends in America:

This Saturday March 29th I will be hosting an all day conference for 50 of Worldcomp’s key leaders and volunteers. We will be meeting in the Salvenburg Conference Center, which is located next door to our apartment here in Nairobi. In this meeting we will be discussing and mapping the “Way Forward” for Worldcomp in Kenya for our medical camps, feeding programs, orphanage, slum schools, widows ministry, AIDS Support Groups, Boys Rehab Programs, and Maasai girls rescue center. Our attendees will be coming from Kisumu, Kakamega, Narok and all over the Nairobi area.

I would like ask you to help me sponsor this amazing group of Kenyans for this conference. These people have made great efforts and sacrifices for the cause of the poor and the needy here in Kenya. Unlike us in America, our workers are unable to reach into their purse or back pocket and pull out the money to attend a conference. Sponsorship for our conference attendees will be $55 for those coming from Western Kenya and Narok and $25 for those coming from the Nairobi area. Your sponsorship will cover the cost of food and transportation for the conference. Please pray about sponsoring one or more of our attendees. Your help will be a great blessing to them and to the work of Worldcomp in Kenya.

To become a sponsor simply sign on to our on-line giving page at and designate your gift to “Worldcomp Conference Attendee.”

Thank you dear friends for helping us as we seek to help the poor and the needy in this nation.

We have so appreciated your prayers, words of encouragement and your financial support for our vital projects here in Kenya.

All our love in Christ,

Richard Vicknair