The Death of a Saint

Hello Dear Friends:

We received word last night that John Kamau (Harun’s Father) and Lucy’s husband passed away suddenly.  This is the brother that we have been praying for for the last month or so.  He was on the mend, but for some reason took a turn for the worse and died.  There is some speculation that it might have been medical mismanagement, but the Lord knows.  This brother was a wonderful man of God with a great deal of responsibility.  His wife Lucy is the woman we are working together with to open the Rescue Center for Maasai girls.  Please pray for Lucy because she is left with nothing.  The medical bills of the last 3 months have drained all their finances even though family members have done all they could do to help.  On top of that their SUV was stolen from the hospital parking lot while John was being treated.

Lucy is a woman of faith and is the kind of person who knows that God will supply all that is needed for the future.

After the team leaves on Friday, Valerie and I plan to attend the funeral with the entire Worldcomp Staff.  All of us were like family members to this wonderful man.  It  is interesting to note that he is going to be buried on the same plot of land that we are planning to build the Rescue Center on.  It reminds me of the scripture:  “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone, but if it dies it will bear much fruit.”

Thank you for your prayers for Lucy, Harun and the whole family.

Bless all of your dear friends.