Second Day of the Medical Camp Complete


Our second day of medical camp at the Widow’s Center went very well. During this last year we’ve made some significant improvements in the facility as we continue to raise money. At least there is water and electricity in the building. The first year we served over 1500 patients in the building without these essential. The widows at the center came out in full force to help us with set up, clean up and meal preparation. Nobody can cook like an old mama!


One thing that blesses my heart is the number of children and teenagers that are volunteering to help us in the camps. Today we had more than a dozen helpers who were the children of our Worldcomp leaders. This is hard work, but believe me, nothing could be more gratifying.

We have several cases to day of children who were in critical condition because their parents failed to get them to a doctor. Both parents said they couldn’t afford it, so they just prayed their kids would just get better. One little girl is going to lose her eyes and possibly die because of this. This really illustrates the need for our camps. There are thousands upon thousands of needless deaths, because poor people cannot afford to see or doctor or buy medicine.

Tonight we head to Kakamega and I will speak at the Kakamega Church tomorrow. Everyone who visits Kenya with us will tell you it is one or our favorite places to worship. We have been visiting and working together with this church for over 30 years now. Pastor Simeon Obayo made a special trip to the visit us at the Widows Center because he know I was nearby and just couldn’t bear to wait one more day to see me.

On Monday we will begin another medical camp in a place called Ibinzao. There is a ministry to the community there run by Compassion International with is really wonderful.

Thanks everyone for your prayers

More tomorrow