My Oh My, What A Wonderful Day

Several months ago we visited the Shikusa Boys Detention Center. One of our donors had given us $1000 and asked us to use it for the sports program at the Center. We asked what their greatest need was in the area of sports. They immediately took us to the sports court. Six years ago we had raised the money to install it, but things deteriorate very fast in the Kenyan climate and it was now almost unusable. The surface was rough and riddled with holes, so they told us that resurfacing the court was their most pressing need. So we told them that we would use the money to do the job. Again as things go in Kenya the job cost $2200, but it finally got finished. Today the Shikusa boys and our Worldcomp team gathered around the court for a celebration and dedication. The new court was done and the boys were very excited. Deborah jumped right in with the boys and showed them some of her moves and they were impressed. A little later she taught the Shikusa basketball team a fun training drill called “bump” to improve their skills on the court. All of us shared with the boys and expressed the love of the Lord to them. Several years ago the Lord did a major work of revival at the center and most of the boys were saved and filled with the Spirit. However that whole group of boys were now out of the program and moving on with their lives. We have visited the Center 3 time in the last two months and at each visit many of the boys have accepted the Lord and many filled with the Spirit. We are looking for a fresh revival with a whole new group of boys. The wonderful thing is that they are totally receptive.

I mentioned in one of my email several weeks ago about a boy named Shaban, who had been giving the Center all kinds of problems. He was filled with rage and fighting all the time. When the officers of the center tried to deal with him he tried to kill himself. The Shikusa superintendent didn’t know what to do so he took a leap of faith and brought him to his office for us to pray for him. Long story short, he accepted Christ in a powerful way. We visited with him again today after one month and he was a transformed person. Even before we saw him the center leadership told us “you won’t believe the difference in this boy, he is a totally changed boy! Shaban gave us his testimony through and interpreter. He said “I pray every day in the morning and before I go to bed and I read my bible everyday. When I have a thought that is not good, I just rebuke it in the name of the Lord. I am totally happy now and I thank the Lord for his salvation.” If you had seen his countenance a month ago and compared it to the present, you couldn’t believe it was the same young man. Nobody does it better than Jesus!

When Deborah got up to greet the boys, she just took off preaching. It was a very powerful speech. When she got back to her chair she said “I just can’t help myself here in Kenya, I had to preach”. That’s how going on a mission trip affects everyone. It’s so great.

Following a grand day with the Skikusa Boys we stopped at the Kakamega School for the Deaf. We brought them bread, juice, candies and pictures. Valerie promised them that we would bring them the pictures we took of them a month ago and today we brought them. You should have seen them grinning over having their very own picture of themselves to pin on the wall. These 68 kids are so very special. But they are very forgotten in this world. Each time we visit them we are very touched and very grieved at the same time. As the Lord enables us we intend to send someone to visit them with food and prayer and love every week from now on. I honestly believe that the presence and the prayer of the people of God will eventually transform this place into a holy and safe place for these kids.

At this present moment Valerie, Deborah and Laurra are having a meal with the Olive Tree Microfinance team here at the hotel. If I listen carefully I can hear them laughing all the way from my room about 500 feet away. We so love these ladies who have dedicated their lives to helping other women. Being with them is aways a blessing.

Well, I’ve rattled on enough for now. Again I am struck by what an honor and a joy it is to have this opportunity to serve the Lord in this way. We can’t thank you enough for your prayers.

All our love to you back home.