Lifting A Nation

Today we celebrated with the 3000 member Kimbo Church. When I say “celebrated”, I mean CELEBRATED. I tell you there’s nothing like this anywhere in our world. These people really know how to celebrate Jesus. If we were to attend this kind of a service back home we would say “these people are out of control”, but here in Kenya “This is awesome.” At Kimbo church the kids are prominently involved in the service. Across the front of the altar steps there are a dozen young boys and girls waving flags, while 20 or 30 more dance in a circle though the entre worship time. During the service a group of elementary kids did a dance that was amazing. How we love these people. Life is very hard for the average Kenyan and coming to church is like a vacation from the hardships of life. They let it all go and their joyful exuberance raises the roof.

The well at Kimbo which used to serve several thousand people a day, now serves even more. So many people were coming to fill their water cans at the church every day that it cause a huge human pile-up, so the church found a solution. Instead of one 10,000 liter tank, they have installed 5 in various place near the church. Now the people of Kimbo can come to any one of the 5 tanks and obtain clean water. We are so thankful that we hit an aquifer when we drilled the bore hole several years ago, because it is supplying an enormous amount of water.

There was a pastor from from the North Coast near Mombasa who visited the church today. He was so moved by the well because there is a deep drought where he comes from and water is very scarce. People in that region spend whole days foraging for water. He pleaded with us to “come and see” the situation, because he was certain that if we saw the situation that God would move us to do something to help. Actually this the 4th or 5th time this region of Kenya has come up in conversation, so the Lord may be speaking to us about planning a trip there. There is also a lot of sickness in the area. When we told him about our medical camps, he offered to send a large bus to bring our medical team to and from the region for a camp. We told him we’d pray about it.

Six years ago now we made a decision to put all of our available resources into Kenya, rather than spreading them around the missions landscape. We made this decision in the hope that we might make a real difference in Kenya. That decision has really proven to be God’s direction for us. With each passing year we are having more and more of an impact and more and more Kenyans are joining us in the struggle to lift this nation from it’s pain. I know we say thank you a lot to those of you who are helping us in this work, but I just can’t say it enough. Thank you for contributing it is really making a difference.

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Tomorrow we are back in the slums to visit our projects.

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