Eager to be Circumcised?


The big event of the day was circumcision. For some mysterious reason we found that many young boys around here were eager to be circumcised. There must have been a campaign were somebody explained in importance of being circumcised because the boys really wanted to go for it. To meet this need we arranged for 40 young boys to be circumcised. There were actually 74 applicants but we only had the medical supplies for 40 so we took the oldest ones first and promised to do the younger ones next year. The as the first van left with 11 boys I noticed that they look a little fearful, so I gave the all candy and biscuits. After that the word of the day was: “Never be circumcised without a biscuit”. Seriously; circumcision reduces the incidence of STD’s and other infections by 60 percent so it is really important.

As we began our camp today we were visited by a reporter from one of the national newspapers. I don’t know how he heard about us, but he came to report on the work we are doing here in Kenya. He took pages of notes. I can’t say that I am excited about the idea of my picture showing up in the national newspaper, we have deliberately tried to keep a low profile, because there are so many forces that want to take advantage of organizations that are doing what we are doing. Perhaps the Lord’s hand is in this, but it’s a good thing to pray that the enemy will not be able to use this in any way.

Today was a long day. We had a late dinner with most of the doctors and nurses and it was easy to see that everyone was exhausted. I am so grateful for these medical professionals. They have left their work in hospitals all about Kenya and come to serve the poor for one-quarter of their daily pay. Our own worldcomp staff will have to works late into the night almost everynight to sort our supplies for the next days events. May the Lord bless them!

This is the third year that we have done a medical camp in this area and it has really made a powerful impact. I trust that people will recognize that these gifts are from a living God who loves them very much.

Tomorrow we head out to the Shikusa Boys Detention Center for a half-day of camp. On the way back we will stop for a few hours and examine the children at the School for the Deaf. The children in both of these places are very dear to us and we want to bless them.

Blessings to all back home.