A New Partnership

Here in Kenya you never know what you are going to find when you go to a new church. Today we had a great experience when we went to a church across town called Deliverance Church. As we turned into the Church compound we found an absolutely beautiful facility located in the middle of a run down part of town. Pastor Peter Waweru and his wife Grace, were a breath of fresh air. Up until 7 years ago he was a businessman. He had served in the church but never pastored a church. He then felt called to start a church. In just seven years he has build one of the nicest facilities in town and built up the church to several thousand people. This is the home church of one of our Worldcomp board members, Aron Kamau. I spoke two times in the morning, and then Val spoke to the worman and I spoke to the men. We were so impressed with the number of people who literally stayed all day for our meetings. Their maturity as a church reflects the fact that Pastor Peter is an excellent leader. We so much enjoyed this man. He was humble, sincere, honest and open. All through the day we could see his loving heart as he interacted with us and the people in his congregation. As we left the church handed us an envelope with $250 in it; the largest honorarium I have ever recieved in all my years in Kenya. We are going to donate it to one of our many needy projects.

After getting to know each other Pastor Peter and I both knew that God was calling us into a partnership in ministry for the future. Next Saturday our Worldcomp Team will discuss holding one of our medical camps at the church compound in August.

A very delightful day for all of us.

Blessing to all of you back home

We love you
Richard and Valerie