I was a product of the “Jesus Movement”. We were a bunch of flower children, psychedelic drug users and pretend revolutionaries, who came to the end of ourselves and found Jesus. For a number of years, we were the happiest people on earth. Our faith was real, our love was […]

We Are One In The Spirit???

These 24 boys are from the Shikusa Boys Detention Center. Not a one of them has ever worn a suit in their lives. WorldCOMP, in partnership with the prison, arranged this special event to let them know that there is more to life than poverty and hopelessness. Guess what the […]

A Special Event

WORLDCOMP KENYA RELIEF INTERNATIONAL IS INVITING YOU TO JOIN US FOR ANOTHER KENYA NIGHT Friday June 17th at 7pm A joyful celebration of the works of the Lord in Kenya through the ministry of WorldCOMP Welcoming Richard and Valerie Vicknair back from their recent trip to Kenya Testimonies from men […]

Kenya Night

We are now at the last day of our current “Tour of Duty” in Kenya. These last two months have surely been a battle, but “the sufferings of this present world are not worthy to be compared with the glory that has been revealed.” On three different occasions we were […]

The Last Word

Today we went downtown to the open air Masai Market. When an American approaches the market, an army of hawkers comes to meet you before you reach the gate. Each one trying to get a rope around you and drag you to their display. I am used to this so […]

This Is What Makes Africa Fun

Before we left the job site we decided to go next door to pray for the old grandmother from which Simeon and Mary Obayo purchased the land. She has a large tumor on her left foot that has now turned cancerous and she is in a lot of pain. As […]

Prayer For a Suffering Woman

Our morning began with the killing of a snake at Nancy Odwaro’s house. In the 40 years we have been coming to Kenya we have never seen a snake, let alone killed one. It was a small but deadly snake, the kind that coils up and can jump for long […]

What A Day

Today, at long last, we finally delivered a candle machine to the widows of the Solid Rock Widows Ministries in Majengo. One of our wonderful donors gave the money quite some time ago, but logistics in Kenya are challenging. A spokesman for the widows got up and gave a word […]

Delivery Day

This Sunday we were at Elevation Church for the second time. Aside from seeing our projects here, I would love to take every one of my friends to a lively Kenyan Church, and believe me, Elevation Church is totally alive. Here you’ll find a classic Kenyan Worship Service– a combination […]


My heart is so full! Today we had our 3rd Annual Network Partners Conference. Last night there was a powerful rainstorm that caused flooding all over the city of Nairobi. Buildings were knocked down by the force of raging waters moving through all parts of the city. This morning there […]

Annual Report on Many Projects

Valerie with Baby 1
This evening I just want to thank all of you for your sincere and earnest prayers for Valerie. She is on her third day of feeling well and we are so mindful that your prayers have moved a mountain. We both thought for a while that we would have to […]

Just a Note