Valerie with Baby
This evening I just want to thank all of you for your sincere and earnest prayers for Valerie. She is on her third day of feeling well and we are so mindful that your prayers have moved a mountain. We both thought for a while that we would have to […]

Just a Note

Medical Camp Checking Pulse
Announcing WorldCOMP Kenya Relief International’s 2016 Medical Camps Kenya East Africa This year’s Medical Camps are scheduled for August 12th – 25th. Our medical teams will start in Nairobi and finish up in Kakamega in Western Kenya. Looking for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, eye care specialists, or any trained medical […]

Join the Team-Medical Camp Kenya

Young Girl With Alligator
Although they are well taken care of, the lives of our orphans at the Home of Grace is routine and rather boring. Today Valerie and I and the orphanage staff took all the kids on a grand outing. We started off with a visit to the Giraffe Center. It’s a […]

An Unforgettable Day

I once heard a prominent speaker on marriage talk about the difference between men and women. He said women can never “do nothing”. Even when they seem to be doing nothing, their hearts and minds and emotions are busy processing, planning, thinking and wondering. They are always multi-tasking. A man’s […]

The Torture of Rest

Narok Medical Camp
Psalm 82:3-4 NIVR Stand up for the weak and for children whose fathers have died. Protect the rights of people who are poor or treated badly. Save those who are weak and needy. Save them from the power of sinful people. The best-selling non-fiction book in history has now sold […]

Stand Up & Save Them

Just a brief note to thank everyone for your prayers for Valerie. She had a breakthrough late this morning and is feeling much better now. We are praying that whatever bacteria she had is on the run. Our daughter Rebekah posted a prayer request for her on her Facebook page […]

The Prayers of the Saints

Last night we had to take Valerie to the hospital in Narok. Going to the hospital in Kenya is always on our “Things we don’t want to do” list. We left the tarmac and drove onto a mud road where there were no street lights. We slid up the hill […]

Strange Maladies and Super Bugs

In our world we would celebrate the completion of a project, not the launch. But here in Kenya the launching of a project is just as important as the completion. At the launch we earnestly pray, because here in Kenya, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”. Poor or dishonest […]

Launching a Well In Masai Land

Recently Pastor Simeon Obayo gave this testimony to a group of Pastors: “When I was 7 years old my mother sent me to school. She could not afford a uniform so I went to school without one. All I had was a torn shirt and a pair of ripped shorts […]

Wednesday was My Day

Just finished several hours of fellowship with our dear friends Sammy and Rose Chacha. Yes! Their last name really is ChaCha, get over it! After listening to their story, I will never complain about anything I have ever been through in my entire life. It would make a spellbinding fiction […]

Stranger than Fiction

Yesterday we had a visit with our doctor, here in Nairobi. His name is Dr. Chunge. He is a brilliant Christian doctor who is now making personal sacrifices to start a medical school in Kakamega. Somehow we got on the subject of the Kenyan culture and he told me a […]

A Deep Darkness Will Cover the Peoples

Valerie spent the morning doing one of her favorite things, “Jesus Shopping”. Yesterday and today she was out buying new/used clothes for all of our orphans. Today we spent another wonderful day at the children’s home. Valerie’s shopping seems to be especially blessed. Again today, she bought 18 new outfits […]

Jesus Shopping