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Medical Camp Overview

Worldcomp’s medical camps have become one of the most significant and vital outreaches of our organization. Each year we bring doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and support personnel from the U.S. to work side by side with a staff of Kenyan medics and volunteers. The number of Kenyan medical professionals who have volunteered to participate each year has grown to over 50. Kenyan medical professionals have said that our medical camps are the best equipped and best run medical camps they have ever seen. Many have expressed their astonishment that thousands of people can be effectively treated apart from a medical facility of any kind. We have treated over 75,000 people in five years.

Last August we had 8 days of medical camp in 5 different locations in the Nairobi slums and in the Western region of Kenya. Our staff treated 8250 patients. All of our services and medications are free. Our camps have a wide variety of services; dental services, eye exams and reading glasses, cervical cancer screening, family planning, and on-site testing for AIDS, malaria and typhoid. Counselors are on hand to counsel those who test positive for AIDS and walk them through the process of psychological adjustment, treatment and diet. They are then invited to become part of our AIDS Support Network for long term support.

In December 2010, for the first time, the Kenyan government asked our WorldCOMP leaders to organized and lead a medical camp in one of the large IDP camps on the Kenyan border. They saw 7000 patients in two days! As you may well know, there now approximately 600,000 displaced people living in refugee camps on the Kenya border. We are hoping to continue this work to help these people who have no country and no hope. The largest expense however is medication.


Each person who is treated in our camps is prayed for by the attending nurse or physician. We also have a pastoral team who is available to counsel and pray people with special needs.


If you, or someone you know would like to join the team as a medical professional or a camp volunteer please contact us through our website, or call 206 781 5154. The cost of participation is approximately $2,500. This includes airfare, lodging, transportation and meals. We can also help with fund-raising.


Your gifts are tax-deductible! WorldCOMP Kenya Relief International is a recognized 501C3 organization and is licensed to do business in the USA and in Kenya. Your contribution to WorldCOMP medical camps will not go to paying salaries or transportation, but will go directly towards the purchase of medications and supplies to help some of the most needy people in the world.

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