Olive Tree

Olive Tree

We are now at the last day of our current “Tour of Duty” in Kenya. These last two months have surely been a battle, but “the sufferings of this present world are not worthy to be compared with the glory that has been revealed.” On three different occasions we were […]

The Last Word

Today the 4 of us met with the 28 ladies of The Olive Tree Microfinance group. Our meeting began with a “change of venue”. Just to show you how things go in Kenya, our time with Olive was all arranged at the Friends Hotel, just across from the Kakamega Church. […]

From Tragedy to Triumph

It’s raining in Kakamega! People in Seattle don’t know the meaning of the word “rain”. For the last few hours the rain has been so loud that you can’t even carry on a conversation. This is the first rain that Kakamega has seen for several months, so there is celebration […]

Another Blessed Day in Kenya

Worldcomp’s “Way Forward” Conference Hello Friends in America: This Saturday March 29th I will be hosting an all day conference for 50 of Worldcomp’s key leaders and volunteers. We will be meeting in the Salvenburg Conference Center, which is located next door to our apartment here in Nairobi. In this […]

The Way-Forward Conference

Today we had a special day. We started off the morning with a visit to the home of our dear friends Terry and Oliver. Last time we visited their home is was nothing but an unfinished mug hut. Now it is a lovely little cottage in a lovely setting. They […]

A Special Day