Dandora Aids Support Network Org

Dandora Aids Support Netowrk Org

We are now at the last day of our current “Tour of Duty” in Kenya. These last two months have surely been a battle, but “the sufferings of this present world are not worthy to be compared with the glory that has been revealed.” On three different occasions we were […]

The Last Word

My heart is so full! Today we had our 3rd Annual Network Partners Conference. Last night there was a powerful rainstorm that caused flooding all over the city of Nairobi. Buildings were knocked down by the force of raging waters moving through all parts of the city. This morning there […]

Annual Report on Many Projects

Dreaming Big! I couldn’t email yesterday because our internet was down. Finally got something working. We put Garth and Danielle on the plane for home a few hours ago. It was hard to see them go, because we have had such a marvellous time together and they really connected with […]

Dreaming Big

Worldcomp: Haba Na Naba Campaign Haba Na Haba means little by little. This phrase is used a lot in Kenya. Where resources are very limited one has to work at meeting big needs “little by little” . During our 3 month stay in Kenya we have seen so many needs […]

Haba Na Haba (Little by Little)