The Impact of a Short Term Mission Trip


It has been a very busy and tiresome week. That said, I am slowly getting back on my feet, with my sleeping schedule, family and work. I am pleased to report that I have not felt depressed or sad at all. It seems that I may have gotten most of this out of the way the second week on site.

I wanted to drop you a note to personally thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the construction team. When we show up, God is already there waiting for us. I believe God was waiting for me in Kenya.

I am still processing a lot of the trip’s events. The salvation of the two brothers, Silos and Nathan. The third son in prison for life. Peter, lost and then adopted. His hunger. The redeemed land. The rock on the hill where the sacrifices took place. The rock that the orphanage will be built on. The wall that fell down. The pile of rubble. Bankruptcy. The shoes. The ministry of the shoes. The Grandmother’s witchcraft and cancerous foot. That there can only be life by cutting off both. The polishing of your shoes. My new friends.

It is easy to interpret the meaning of these events. They all points to Jesus and His message of salvation. What is less clear, is what it means for me personally, at least in terms of God’s plans for my life. Yet, I felt deeply encouraged by the trip. I am in the ministry. I do have giftings. I can be used – I just need to show up. God’s intention is to use me. I feel less lost than I did before the trip and have a renewed sense of purpose. The genuine affection and friendships I felt from the team were affirming of my value to Him as well as others.

Know that I am praying for both of you, World Comp and Kenya. The problems in Africa are too large for any person or organization. With God, however, all things are possible!

With love and blessing,

Per (Peter) Erik Bjorn-Roli