Stand Up & Save Them

Psalm 82:3-4 NIVR
Stand up for the weak and for children whose fathers have died.
Protect the rights of people who are poor or treated badly.
Save those who are weak and needy.
Save them from the power of sinful people.

The best-selling non-fiction book in history has now sold over 32 million copies. It’s called “The Purpose Driven Life”. I have always believed that one of the reasons this book has sold so many copies is its title. We are living in a world where conscientious people are desperate for a purpose. Most of us live with the haunting feeling that there is little purpose in our existence. It is my firm conviction that the Lord will gladly answer the cry of anyone who sincerely asks Him to show them His purpose and is willing to do what he says with their lives. Why not ask Him today to give you a revelation of purpose for your life?

Worldcomp Medical Camp- Ntulele, Narok

The Village of Ntulele is on the main highway from Nairobi to Narok. It is in the heart of Masai Country. Most people in this area live in little houses called “Manyatas”. They are little rectangular buildings scattered throughout the countryside where people live without electricity or access to clean water. Almost all of them cook inside their houses on small charcoal stoves which causes many respiratory problems. As you drive through this area you see hundreds of flocks of goats, sheep and cattle, usually tended by young boys, who literally live with the herds.

Our first day of camp started off very slow. We distributed flyers in the area but people don’t believe it until they see it. They have seen this kind of advertising before and they have been disappointed to find that the medical services were very inadequate and there were no drugs available to the people. So the traffic only increases by word of mouth as people go home with reports of real doctors, real services and real medicine.

The women are the first to show up with their children, many who are in dire need of medical treatment. The men start to appear after the lunch as soon as the word reaches them that this is a real medical camp. In the two days at this venue 402 people were seen; not a large crowd as far as some of our medical camps go, but we were more than happy because these people tend to be the forgotten people of Kenya and we always feel that the Lord is pleased when we reach the unreached with His love.

(A special thanks to Meshek Lwenya for Reporting from the scene)

With Love from Kenya
Richard and Valerie Vicknair

Narok Medical Camp