Launching a Well In Masai Land

In our world we would celebrate the completion of a project, not the launch. But here in Kenya the launching of a project is just as important as the completion. At the launch we earnestly pray, because here in Kenya, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”. Poor or dishonest contractors, inferior materials, supply problems, delivery delays, equipment breakdowns, cost overruns– you name it, we have it. So at the launch of this well we asked the Lord to guard the project to its completion.

Water is very scarce in Masai country. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen those Masai “stick figures” that they sell in the souvenir shops, but they really do resemble the Masai people. Most Masai’s are tall and very thin with spindly legs. The reason for this is lack of water. Masai’s live on a fraction of the water that most people drink, because it is so hard to find. This well will serve our Masai Girls Rescue Center, but it will also serve the community and the community is eagerly awaiting its completion.

We had a very moving and emotional time with the 45 or so Kenyans who attended the ceremony for the launch. The love and respect that the entire community shows for Lucy and her family is very touching. One of the pastors gave Valerie and I a very personal word. He wanted us to know that when we set our minds to assist Lucy in her vision of a Masai Girls Rescue Center that we were touching something that is very near to the heart of God. He said the entire church community sees Lucy’s legacy like a great green tree that is extending its branches far beyond its walls to be a blessing to all of Kenya. We were so blessed because three of the Masai girls that have been rescued came and gave their testimonies. They are now married and they are powerful Christians. Note the picture attached!

The construction of the well begins in a few weeks and should be done by the time we come back for Medical Camps in August. That will be a very special time. Following the construction of the well we will turn our interests to building a facility next door to house the girls. Lucy has been taking girls into her home and placing them in the homes of friends, but once the Rescue Center is built the girls will have their own place and we will be able to take in many more. Aside from their education in school, they will be trained in business skills, computer skills, tailoring, cooking and farming a greenhouse. The construction of the girls’ living facility is really on Valerie’s heart and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more on this in the future. It looks like the cost will be about $25,000. Pray with us on this!

Please continue to pray for Val’s health. She got very emotional while sharing with the group today and following that she experienced some very high blood pressure, nausea and a bit of confusion. She is resting now and we are trusting that she will be fine.

From Kenya,
Richard and Valerie