Keeping Promises

Today we said goodbye to Corbett Stubbert and his father Dave. In the past 12 days the chemistry between the members of this team has been something I have never experienced in my life and there is no doubt that this is the direct result of answered prayer. The team has made a deep and lasting impact on the lives of many Kenyans. Again and again they have said that they have never experienced this kind of fellowship with foreigners. The love is flowing.

This morning before Dave and Corbett departed we fulfilled a few promises. First we stopped at the Kakamega School for the Deaf to bring them bread, cookies, juice, candies and soccer balls. This is not a Worldcomp project but we have a special love for these children and never leave Kakamega without visiting them. I must say that it is sad that these kids have such a hunger for bread. They seldom see it. Their diet consists of porridge, Ugali (white corn meal), beans and corn– local foods that are cheap and readily available. On our first visit five years ago we brought them candy and they begged us for bread. We had a very special time with them. We had them sit on the grass and we served them. As always they “signed” us love songs and gave us hugs and handshakes and smiles.

Following our visit to the Deaf School we brought 22 pair of tennis shoes for the basketball team at the Shikusa Boys Detention Center. We bought them second hand, but in good condition, from local street vendors, but to the boys at the center they were “Nike Airs”. They have been playing barefoot on concrete for a number of years. Even barefoot they are quite good and we believe, with shoes, they will be great. Their appreciation for this gesture of love was very demonstrative. We also brought them a suitcase of books for their library and 50 more yards of material to make new uniforms. Over our years of dedicated service to Shikusa we have become a true symbol of love. The entire staff knows us by name and they always welcome us as close friends.

Valerie and Nancy visited Dino Ocholla yesterday in the city of Necatch. On the way there and back they ministered to their driver, whose name was Evan in a very powerful way. Evan at one time practiced Christianity mixed with fortune telling and found it impossible to forgive and forget. They discussed this deeply on the drive to Necatch. At one point, while Evan was waiting for Val he slept in the car and God gave him a dream. In his dream he released his revenge to the Lord and when he awoke he was changed. To seal the deal, he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit on the drive home. He has been asking God for this for years, but it couldn’t happen until he forgave. When they got to Kisumu they had to wait for Nancy’s car to be repaired and this was the perfect time for him to receive a blessing.

Showers of Blessings, my friends, Showers of Blessings!
More Later

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