I will bless those who bless you..

Simeon and Mary Obayo Retire after 50 years of Ministry
And Celebrate 50 years of Marriage

For the last 40 years, Valerie and I have had the joy and privilege of walking with Simeon and Mary Obayo. In the mercy of the Lord, Simeon rose from a barefoot street boy to become a father to thousands of church leaders and the leader of the Pentecostal Evangelical Fellowship of East Africa. Our friendship has been the foundation for all the work we have done in Kenya. Now after 50 years of Church leadership Simeon will retire from active leadership. In the years ahead Simeon and Mary will join the Worldcomp Leadership Team to work for the welfare of Children all over Kenya. Our new orphanage in Kakamega is being built on land provided by Simeon and Mary. It is their sincere desire to make daily visits to the Orphanage and become a grandmother and father to our children in future years.

My purpose for this email is to kindly request that you join me is raising an offering for Simeon and Mary’s Retirement and 50th Wedding Anniversary. I can assure you that Simeon has never used his position to enrich himself in any way. Through these 50 years they have lived by faith and trusted God for their daily bread. They will leave 50 years of ministry without a pension of any kind. Simeon’s Children, along with Valerie and I, would like to raise enough money to buy Simeon a small car for their retirement years. Half of the needed $15,000 has already been raised, but I would ask you to pray about joining us to send a contribution for the rest. You’ll be blessing those who have devoted their entire lives to blessing others.

Thank you dear friends for giving this some thought. Every gift of any amount will help.

Give online at: www.worldcompkenya.com/give (designate your gift for Simeon and Mary)

Give by sending a check to:
Worldcomp Kenya International
7758 Earl Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

Blessings to you and yours,

Richard Vicknair