How’s This for a Story?

Let me try to tell you the story of the land on which the orphanage is being built. This will not be the kind of story you read about every day and could easily be dismissed as unbelievable. This land was purchase by Simeon and Mary Obayo several years ago. It was purchased from an old woman who lives next door, who is dying of cancer. The locals in this area all know what has been happening on this piece of land. For generations this family has been a family of idol worshipers who practiced the most evil forms of pagan ritual. They sacrificed animals and some say humans, on the mountain of rocks that lay in the middle of the land. They worshipped snakes and practiced witchcraft. Up until Simeon bought the land the locals would not come here because a large cobra, larger than anyone had ever seen, lived in the crags of the rocks in this place. The family had caught the snake and had put necklaces around its neck.

All the men of the family are thieves and murderers. As a matter of fact, the grandmother’s first born son is now in prison for life. The grandmother still controls the entire estate. Simeon didn’t ask to by the property, she invited him to buy this property just to keep it out of the hands of her evil sons. From the time Simeon purchased this land everything changed. Simeon came to this land with a powerful prayer team and they prayed over the land, rebuked the devil and cleansed the land of generations of evil. From that day the snake disappeared. Following these events Simeon found that the people who live in the immediate area, literally tried to bow down to him when they met him on the land. Of course he immediately told them not too, but everyone knows that the devil has been pushed off the land.

Several months ago Simeon went to the old lady who owns the land and told her that he would like to buy the piece of land adjacent to this property, which she still lives on. Here’s what she said; “I have a grandson, who is eight years old. He is the son of the one who is in prison for life. He is very precious to me and I want to give this land to him. But my problem is this. If I give him this land, my other three evil sons with push him off the land the moment I die and they may even kill him. Here is the deal I will make with you,” she said. “If you will buy my grandson a piece of land somewhere in the area and deed it to his name, I will deed this land over to you in return. This is the only way I can be sure he will have an inheritance. When you find a piece of land for him, please come and pick me up in your car and let me see it. If I approve, we will do the paperwork and you can have this land.”

Now Simeon couldn’t see any way that he could buy a piece of land for the boy, but he decided that he and Mary would adopt the boy, one way or the other and bring him to live with them. He would then be able to grow up in church, have the love of a mother and father, go to a good school and have a good life.

So here’s what happened today. Simeon walked over to the elementary school just a little way from here and brought the grandson to us for prayer. He wanted us to pray that the curse on this family would be broken over this boys’ life and that the enemy would have no foothold. The boy is very handsome and very respectful. I asked the boy’s name and he said “Onyongu”.

“What’s his first name?” I asked.
“He has no first name,” they said. “No one has ever given him a Christian name.”

Now Per Bjorn Roli was sitting there listening to all this. “I will take him home with me,” he said.
Simeon looked at him and said, “Are you serious?”
“I certainly am,” said Per. “I would love to adopt this boy.”

Then Simeon said, “Now that you have said this, I want to ask you, ‘What name would you give to this boy?’”.
Per bowed his head and prayed. A moment later he said, “My name is Per, which means Peter, so I would name him Peter.”

In a flash it came to us all; “Your name shall be Peter, and upon this Rock I will build my church”. Of course we were all thinking of the huge rock in the middle of this property. In Kenyan culture whoever names a child is his father.

So here is where we are now. Simeon and Mary will take Peter into their home and raise him as a son. Per will take him into his heart and sponsor him as a father from America.

Per then went on his own to Simeon and said, “I want this boy to have a piece of land of his own, so that when he is grown he will have an inheritance”. Per did this, not knowing of the deal the old woman had made with Simeon!

“Do you really mean it?” said Simeon?
“I certainly do”, said Per.

So now, as the Lord provides, Per is going to buy a piece of land for the boy and when that happens, the old women will deed her piece of land to Simeon and Worldcomp.

How’s that for a story?

One other side note. Peter’s uncle, whose name is Nathan, lives on another side of this property. He is about 55 years old. We hired him to sit at the gate and keep count of the women who bring water here, so they can be paid by the bucket. As we finished praying for Peter, Nathan came around the corner and without any provocation, he said “I want to be born again”.