All God’s Chillin’ Got Shoes



We had a very touching time today at the construction site. God put it on the heart of three of our team members to buy shoes for every worker at the construction site including all the women who are carrying water. Most of our workers have shoes that are tattered rags and all of the women only have flip-flops. Can you imagine carrying water all day from a river a mile away in only flip-flops? Our team took up a collection and several of them headed into town to buy 45 pair of shoes and boots. During the morning break we had all the workers sit down on a large pile of stones and we told them we had a gift for them. They then marched around the storage shed to choose a pair of shoes. Many of them did not even own a pair of shoes. Then we asked them to sit for a while as we expressed our deep love and appreciation for them all. Several of us gave our testimonies and invited them to accept Christ. Just after the meeting Per Bjorn Roli had the opportunity to lead one of the men to the Lord. The angels rejoice!
Osborn then asked them if any of them wanted to share anything. The first one up was a veteran construction worker who said that he had been working on construction sites for many years where white people were on the site, but this was the first time he had ever had a chance to really fellowship with anyone from America or Europe. It was the first time he felt that there were no barriers between him and a white person. After he finished several others got up to say the same thing. It was both touching and sad. I know people mean well, but too often we think we are doing good by building things and forget that physical affection and genuine brotherly love is the most powerful testimony of all. When buying shoes, we were told that there were nine women carrying water, but in reality there were 19. At this moment Valerie and Theresa are in town buying 12 more pairs of shoes to make sure that everyone has shoes that fit.

It is so remarkable how every trip to Kenya is unique and special. Four of our team members will be leaving tomorrow after we visit the Shikusa Boys Detention Center and they will be coming home with wonderful stories of God’s love in action in Kenya.


While Valerie and Theresa were in town buying shoes a local vendor in the market started asking them to pray for them. As that was happening another vendor across the way was crying for them to pray. Then another and another! Several people were healed. Valerie and Theresa had to finally pull themselves away, promising to come back another day! People are hungry for God!