The Fish are Jumping into the Boat

Woke up this morning feeling a little weak, but both Valerie and I are over our stomach issues. Hallelujah! Thanks for your prayers and a little ciprofloxin.

The most significant event of the day happened as Nancy Odwaro, Valerie and I were driving from the widows center to Kisumu. We had rented a car and driver. While we traveled we talked about the things of the Lord. The driver hadn’t said a word for almost an hour. I was sharing with Nancy about something that happened last week at Lenana School. We had bought 700 pieces of candy in order to give the 350 children of the school 2 candies each, but while we were in the middle of handing them out the principle said that there were now 401 children in the school. We knew immediately that we were going to run out of candy so I we began to ask the teachers where we could buy more. But before we could act on that we realized the candy basket was not emptying. In the end we served 2 pieces of candy to all 401 children with only 700 candies and had 2 left over. Now this kind of stuff has happened to us several times in Kenya.

After I finished my story the driver suddenly spoke up and said “That was a miracle” to which we replied “yes it was”. Then he went quiet again. About 30 minutes later we were talking about praying for Nancy’s mother who has had a stroke. Suddenly our driver said in a loud voice “I need prayer”. Valerie from the back seat said “What do you need prayer for? Are you saved?” Then he said “That’s the first thing I need prayer for”. As soon as we got to Nancy’s we sat on the couch with him, lead him to Christ and prayed for his deliverance from alcohol. He was a transformed young man and was beaming all the rest of the day. As I said, the fish were jumping the boat and we are praising God!

We had a really big, wonderful day. I would like to write out all the details here but I’ll save some for tomorrow.

Pray for our strength as we make the 24 hour journey back into time to attend the funeral of Valerie’s Father.

Love and Blessing to all back home,

Richard and Valerie