Sudden Urges from God

We were on our way back from picking up Val’s suitcase, crawling through one of those traffic jams that you can only find in Nairobi. We were hot and tired, but suddenly Valerie had an intense desire to stop and visit a group of ladies who sell souvenirs and Kenyan clothes near a supermarket that we shop at. Most of them are Christians so we have enjoyed some sweet fellowship with them. Just over 3 weeks ago Valerie and I visited them. She prayed with one of the women about her sister, whose name is Truphena. She promised to come back a week later, but then Valerie’s father died and we had to make our trip home. Now, suddenly, she felt very strongly that she needed to visit the ladies and explain why she missed her appointment. When she walked up to the ladies, there was Truphena sitting by her sister. Everyone took Valerie’s visit as a sign from God and Truphena was ready for prayer. We prayed for her deliverance and for her salvation, while tears streamed down her face. Afterward everyone loved on her and encouraged her. A great day! One lost suitcase returned to its owner and one lost soul returned to hers! Attached is a picture of the ladies. Truphant is the 3rd from the left with a bright silver bracelet on her wrist. Valerie gave her the bracelet to remind her of her encounter with Christ today.

As we drove back to our apartment,
Valerie commented that this wonderful event was probably as much for her encouragement as for Truphena’s. God is good, all the time!

Some amazing things have happened on this street corner. Last year, in February, while Valerie was praying with the ladies; a passerby, a beautiful young girl from Eritrea saw them praying and came right up and said “I need to be saved”. She had a powerful encounter with God. It’s nice to look forward to great fellowship and a miracle every time you go to the store to buy a loaf of bread.

It never escapes our notice that these things happen because of the prayers of our prayer support team back home. The effectual fervent prayer of God’s people can avail much!

Thanks for being there. We love you

Richard and Valerie