Report on Valerie’s Jaw

Report on Valerie’s Jaw: We want thank all of you who have been asking about and praying for Valerie’s jaw. While we were at her father’s funeral several weeks ago she bit down on some food and experienced some excruciating pain in the joint of her jaw. We thought it would pass but it still aches and hurts a lot and she has to be very careful when she eats or opens her mouth wide and it keeps her up at night. At this point we really don’t know what the problem is. On Monday we have an appointment with a local doctor here and we hope to have it x-rayed. At present she is just living with it and carrying on with the work. You may remember the word she got from the Lord before we left the states, he said “You will suffer! Go and preach the Gospel”.

But we do ask you to keep on praying for this problem to heal.

Love to all of you
Richard and Valerie