An Angel of Light

We had a remarkable thing happen today! Because we have it in our hearts to build a well for the Maasai Girls Rescue Center and the surrounding community, Lucy Kamau had a thought. She remembered that one of her neighbors had just built a well 4 years ago on his property just across the road. So we asked him if he would mind us coming to visit him to see his well and ask about it. He is a very busy man but the Lord literally changed his schedule so we could visit. When he entered his gate we found, perhaps the most beautiful farm and dairy I have ever seen in Kenya. Everything about his farm has been blessed by the Lord. He is a 50 year old Maasai man who has given his life to Jesus. We have found, that, usually, when a Maasai man comes to Christ he becomes an extraordinary Christian. He showed us some wondrous things. It would take me a long time to describe all the wonders of this place, but our tour of the well was a huge revelation. He literally showed us the way forward. He told what to do, who to call and how much it will cost. Then, he committed himself to help Lucy get the job done. He told us that Lucy’s departed husband had been a great blessing in his life and he was happy to be able to give back in some way to his legacy. I’m telling you this man was a goldmine of information and insight. Our discussion with him gave me a sure hope that we are going to be able to move forward with a number of water projects that will be a blessing to hundreds, perhaps thousands of desperate people. We left there knowing that our entire trip to Narok was to have an encounter with this “angel of light”. We were on the verge of cancelling this trip because I was so ill two nights ago, but God raised me up at the last second for such a time as this. Thank you Lord!

Thank you so much dear friends for your prayers and financial commitments to the work that God is doing here. I know that the Lord is pleased.

Tomorrow we will have our Network Partners Gathering. We will bring together more than 75 ministry leaders, from all over the country who are part of the Worldcomp Family in Kenya. I can’t wait.