A Break From Normal Life

Hello Dear Kenya Friends:

Just wanted to drop you a note
I am writing to you from our apartment on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem. Valerie and I are taking a break from normal life to spend three and a half weeks in Israel and Greece. Last night we walked for several miles in the Old City of Jerusalem down to the Wailing Wall. We walked with thousands of Jewish families who were celebrating the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles. We were very moved to see the passion of these precious people for God. If you have never seen the Old City of Jerusalem in the early evening, it is quite an experience. Walking for miles over ancient stones worn smooth by the feet of billions of people who come here to worship and pray. During the next few weeks we will be all over Israel seeing the sites and walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

Our work in Kenya is never far from my heart, especially now since we are beginning the construction of our new Home of Grace Orphanage in the city of Kakamega. I also want to thank all of you who helped us to buy the material to make new uniforms for the boys of the Shikusa Boys Detention Center. Everyone is very excited about this project and the boys are looking forward to burning their present uniforms, which are in rags. It will be overseen by two women on our WorldCOMP Staff.

Valerie and I are gearing up to spend two and a half more months in Kenya from January 15th to April 1st. This will be a very important and busy time for us.

We are so very grateful for your prayers and financial support.

All our love

Richard and Valerie