Thanks for your prayers

Hello Again Friends and Family:

I haven’t written for a few days.  We have taken the last few days to get settled in our new apartment.  The sign said “furnished”, but furnished is a relative term.  We went out yesterday and filled our van with needed food and household items.  Everything is now put away and tonight we will have our first “party”.  We are going to have the Worldcomp leadership team over for dinner.

Today I worked out the schedule for the next two months.  From this Friday on we will definitely be in the fast lane.  The nurses from Northwest University will arrive on February 7th, Corbett Stubbert and Del Irwin arrive on February 28th, and Laurra McGreggor and Deborah Siers arrive on March 13th.  We will make three trips to Kakamega and we will visit each of our projects three times as well.  That is all great news for us, because we just can’t spend enough time with our team; especially the teams at Kibera Feeding Center, Lenana School, The New Hope Orphanage and The Shikusa Boys.

Several of you have written to let me know that you didn’t get some of my emails so I have attached a “compilation” of all of my emails for those of you who would like some bedtime reading or to use them as bedtime stories for your children.  I had a great time just reviewing all that happened in the last month.  What an adventure!  There are quite a number of pages so don’t open it unless you want to re-read the stories.


Before John Kamau died he had gone to the government office and paid for electricity to be brought to the property where he a Lucy were building their house.  They took his money but nothing had happened for months and it looked like another hopeless situation. But God is so faithful!  During the funeral the Governor of the region flew in to pay his respects and without anyone asking, he noticed that there was no electricity.  He then asked Lucy, who told him what was up.  Immediately he got on the phone and called someone and the poles were up the very next day.  The power should be in by the time your read this.  The Lord is going out of his way to make sure that Lucy Kamau and our Rescue Center for Maasai Girls are well taken care of.


The day before we left there was a big uprising in Mombasa as radicals from a local Mosque got very rowdy.  One police officer and several other people were killed.  We immediately we emailed our prayer team for prayer.  We had actually prayed about this several days before, when we prayed at the “liberty bell” in the city.  (Even though the bell had been stolen).   Yesterday we heard that they found documents in the Mosque that revealed an enormous amount of information about the future plans of Muslim extremists here in Kenya.  The authorities said the information will prevent many future operations and lead to the arrest of a number of radicals.  This is an answer to prayer.  If the young men in this Mosque had not gotten all worked up, this information would have never been discovered.  Perhaps the Lord flamed the passion of their demonstration to draw attention to these secrets?

Again I want to thank all of those who have prayed for and supported us for the last month.  We wouldn’t be able to do this without you.  You are a vital part of all that is happening here.

We love you all,
Richard and Valerie