Miracles in Masaai Land

We just returned from our visit to a Masaai Church about 15 miles out of Narok. Sometimes there just aren’t enough adjectives to describe what we have seen and experienced and all the adjectives I know just won’t due. This is our second visit to this place. Last time we were there in the middle of the week with about 25 Masaai women. This time there were about 100 people in the building. You may remember that wrote that we were the first white people ever to visit the church. When we arrived there were about 30 children that ran to greet us, but they were afraid of white people and none of them had ever shaken the hand of a white person. As I moved toward them they ran, so I stopped and extended my hand and waited. Finally one brave boy came up to shake my hand and slowly the rest of the followed.

What a time we had with these special people. There’s no ethic group that dances like the Masaai’s. I just love being in places like this were Americans can step out of their cultural boxes and “go native”.

While the ladies were having a special meeting, which I’ll tell you about in a minute, I was having a man to man talk with David Murda the pastor. During I talk I was very moved because he reminded me so much of my dear friend Hosea Odwaro, when I first met him as a young man in Kisumu. He has the same joyful, enthusiastic countenance as Hosea. He reminded me that I prayed in his church 5 weeks ago that God would add men to the congregation. At the time there were only 2. The next week he met a couple down the road who had an epileptic son. The family had taken to the boy to doctors and witch doctors, but there had been no change. David told them to bring the boy to church the next Sunday, which they did. When David and his wife prayed for the boy he was instantly healed. The following week the man showed up with his entire family. “I have come and I have brought and offering” he said, “and I am ready to be saved”. He received Christ then and there. The next week another man brought his child who’s right leg was in a brace. David prayed for him and he also was instantly healed. This man and his wife also received Christ. Since we were there 5 weeks ago 6 new men have joined the church.

Now the women had a meeting to hand out the special kits that Laurra brought for young girls and women for their “time of the month”. This special kit is designed to last for 3 years. Lucy told us that this was one of the best gifts that the ladies have ever received because in Masaai land no one can afford sanitary napkins and even if they could they would have to walk many miles to get them. The women are forced to use leaves and stay in the house. We had no idea when we brought these things that they would be so valuable and meaningful to this group of women.

I have to say that all of us were deeply affected by this trip and we all share the sense that God has more for us in Masaai land than the Rescue Center that we are planning to build.

It was a very special day for us. God is so good!

Blessing to all of you back home. Thanks for your prayers, love and support.