Kenya Update

Hello Again Dear Friends:

We finally had a few hours of rest this morning.  We sat together in the two seater swing on the guest house grounds and just stared at the Kenyan landscape.  What a beautiful place.  From our swinging seat this morning you’d never imagine that this nation is in such terrible pain.  Valerie has kept saying “Kenya is a Paradox”.  Such beauty and such horror, such honor and such dishonor, such love and such division, such sacrifice and such greed.

I don’t know how or when Kenya came have such a hold on our hearts, but over the years Kenya has become one of our primary reasons to live.  There’s no doubt we have been called, for such a time as this.  When we first arrived we heard that our dear friend and brother Simeon Obayo had called all of this children together for a family meeting and told them that he believed that his 50 years of ministry in the church was no longer the legacy that he was going to leave in Kenya, but it was now Worldcomp.  All of the Obayo family are involved in what we are doing.  They are the core and the foundation of this work.  When Osborn told me about it I was deeply touched.

Today we went out and looked around for housing for the next two months.  We are looking for something with 3 bedrooms.  The reason being is that Del Irwin and Corbett Stubbert are coming at the end of February and then Laurra McGreggor and my Daughter Deborah Siers are coming in mid March.  This will be such a blessing.  I know that their coming is connected to the ongoing purpose of God here in Kenya.  Another reason for 3 bedrooms is we are expecting company from Kenyan friends.  We have had several calls from friends here in Kenya telling us of housing opportunities that are very promising.  This morning, as well, we had a time with the manager of the Hampton House where we are staying.  We have seen him many times but this morning we had intimate fellowship and he told us his faith story.  After our meeting he felt led to offer us a 3 bedroom apartment right here in the back of the compound.  We went and looked at it and it is a very suitable place but the price is a little high for our budget.  We won’t make our final decision until tomorrow.  Please pray for us when you get this email because we want to be strategically situated and find something we can afford.

Tomorrow we and our Kenya team will have lunch with Grace Stewart.  It’s great that she is here at the same time we are and we are looking forward to our time.

We were glad to here that Selma Robb and Kathy Lambert have made it home safe and sound and exhausted.  They were such a great blessing to Kenya.  Britta and Kendall Carson are having a little R and R in Amsterdam before they head home.

All of you back home are very dear to us.

Thank you for your prayers, support and love
Richard and Valerie