Another trip around the country

My lovely daughter Deborah and her lovely friend Laurra arrived at the airport last night. I knew from the beginning that our time with them was going to be blessed because they cleared the airport customs faster than anyone yet. Unlike other arrivals they both looked fresh after their 24 hour flight. They have now had a few hours of sleep and we are off. Deb and Laurra will get baptized into the worst of Kenya right off the bat, because they will be in the Kibera Slums on their first full day in Kenya. Usually our teams move gradually toward this place, but they are going to see it before anything else. The first time into the slums is a traumatic experience for anyone. After Kibera we will head for the Dandara Slum. The site of one of the worst garbage dumps in the world. This dump is over 100 feet deep in places and the fragrance of it is unbearable. Fortunately for us it was raining all night, so the smell will be minimized.

Tomorrow we pack up and head for Maasai Country and the city of Narok. Here we will team of with a wonderful Maasai woman named Lucy. I have written about her previously and it will be so good to see her again and plan our strategy for the new Maasai Girls Rescue Center.

Thanks for your continued prayer for us and for Deborah and Laurra. Please pray for our health and we sojourn.

All our love

Richard and Val