A Dream Come True

We spent the day yesterday with our dear friends and colleges Harun and Doreen Kamau. At long last, a dream has come true for them. Last year a dear friend gave Doreen the money to buy a sewing machine. She is an excellent seamstress, but buying a sewing machine was way beyond their reach. Unfortunately the money that was given to her was stolen right out of their hotel room just a few days after they received it. It was heartbreaking and traumatic for Doreen, but as we all know “all things work together for good for those who love God”. Our medical team banded together and restored the money, but Harun and Doreen still faced the challenge of buying and transporting the machine, so the money was hidden in the cupboard for a while. At that time Harun’s dad was very ill and needed expensive medical treatment, so all the members of the family gave everything they had to pay for his medical expenses. Doreen did something very wise, she gave the money for the machine to her mother, Mary Obayo, for safekeeping, because she know that they would eventually have to give it up if it was in their house.

Well yesterday was finally B-day (buy day). We all jumped in the Worldcomp pickup truck and headed downtown to buy the machine and transport it to their house. The fact that it took all day to buy a sewing machine is one more illustration of how hard life is here in Kenya. Just to go to the bank and the post office is a all day deal here. There was great joy in the house last night as the machine was set in place. This machine will enable Doreen to contribute to the family income. Their family of 4 is living in a small two bedroom flat and they are working toward having a place with two bedroom.

Attached is a picture of Doreen with her machine. They want to say a special thanks all who made this dream come true for them.

Blessings to all back home