Day 2: Kayole Medical Camp

Hello Again Dear Friends from the Eastern edge of Nairobi.  Day two of our Kayole camp has gone very well.  Dr Phil was quite pleased that very few of the patients here seem to have the major diseases that so often kill people:  Cholera and Typhoid.  Kayole is a slum area but it is not like the densely populated slum of inner Nairobi.  Many people have stopped by to thank us for what we are doing and the leaders of many relief organizatons here in Kenya has expressed their deepest appreciate for the opportunity to serve in such a well organized and supplied camp.

As I said before Harun Kamau was forced to take Osborn Obayo’s place as the Camp director due to the fact that Osborn was called away with members of the Kenyan Parliament to an assignment in Turkey.  Harum has done a fabulous job but his phone has been glued to his ear for several weeks now.  So many details!


Last night Mark Stewart was taken ill and threw up all night.  He is feeling better right now, Britta Carson is also feeling ill.  So please pray for us to have strong stomachs and immune systems.

Tomorrow we will sleep in and depart from the Guest house at noon.  Then we will do some souvenir shopping.  After that we catch the plane for Kakamega.  It will be so good to see Simeon Obayo.  Simeon and I have been working together now for 37 years.  We have grown old together.  I will try to find some time tomorrow for another report.

God Bless all of you and thank you for your prayer.