Take a Trip with Us

Take a Trip with Us


Worldcomp is looking for Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dentists and anyone in the medical field to join us in Kenya. We will be teaming up with Medical personnel from Kenya to host 6 days of medical camp for the poor in Kenya. Each two-day camp will be followed by a day of rest. All medications, facilities and camp arrangements will be in place when we arrive. We plan to see 9000-10,000 patients during this time. This is a mission: Team members will pay their own way. Approximately $2600 will pay for airfare, transportation, room and board. You will be well taken care of. We will not be “roughing it”. We will not stay at the Hilton, but we will stay in clean, safe and reasonably priced hotels. Food will be safe and we will drink only bottled water. A SUPPORT TEAM IS ALSO NEEDED: No medical experience required! We need people to care for and entertain kids, run our prayer room, and help with various errands, set up and clean up.

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