Tuition Free Schools for Slum Children

Lenana Christian School from WorldCOMP on Vimeo.

Lenana Christian School

WorldCOMP has established a tuition-free Christian School developed especially to help underprivileged children who live in the slums. We now serve 401 students. The school is staffed by 14 dedicated Christian teachers who volunteer their services while they wait for job opportunities in the Kenyan School system. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate for teachers is now 28% in Kenya. The teaching staff receive very little salary so we help them from time to time as funds become available. Through our feeding program the children of Lenana school are fed two meals a day, and for most of them, their lunch at school is the only full meal they receive each day. The Lord has blessed the school academically. Test scores have shown that our little school ranks #3 amongst the many schools in the Dagoretti District. We love these kids and are very proud them!

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Kara Kibera Primary School

Ten years ago Mary Indagiza started feeding children from her home in the Kibera Slums. She and her husband, John, didn’t need to live in the slums, but chose to because they felt God had called them to share Christ. In 2008 Mary’s little feeding operation immediately went large when, on a single night in Kibera, more than 6000 people were murdered in the streets. The result of this was that John and Mary instantly had more than 30 children huddled in their house who were now orphans. Many of them had watched their parents die before their eyes. They reached out for help from their friend Osborn Obayo, who then called his friend in America, Richard Vicknair. Thus the Kara Kibera Children’s Center and WorldCOMP was born from a single night of terror. From there, the center has grown to what it is today: a feeding center, a primary school, a children’s health center, a community center, and a church.

Future Vision: To expand our feeding program as far as we possibly can.

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