Shikusa Boys Detention Center

Shikusa Detention Center from WorldCOMP on Vimeo.

Eight years ago, working with our WorldCOMP Kenya Board Chairman Dr. George Matimbai, we adopted the Shikusa Boys Detention Center located five miles outside of Kakamega. Here 520 boys [13-18 years of age] live on a work farm. Only six years ago the Center was like a forced labor camp. The boys were in rags, living in a hopeless abusive environment. Their health was very poor and many died during their stay at Shikusa. Through the tireless efforts of Dr. George Matimbai, and WorldCOMP assistance, there has been an amazing transformation in this place. The boys are now well fed and most of the boys and virtually all of the staff have accepted Christ into their lives. We have provided supplies for schooling and vocational training, bunk beds, mattresses, chairs, sports equipment, clothing and medical care. Most recently, a medical dispensary has been completed onsite and plans are being made for halfway houses to provide living quarters and vocational training.

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