Help Widows to become Self-reliant through Microfinance

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WorldCOMP has established 4 Microfinance Funds to help widows establish businesses to support their families.

Participants receive business counseling, ongoing advice and accountability to maximize their long-term success.  With the help of the Lord we have started over 300 businesses for the poor.

The Olive Tree Women’s Microfinance Group is based in Kakamega Kenya.  This microfinance program is the flagship of our microfinance programs in Kenya.  Nine Kenyan woman have developed a small group based microfinance model that is working for Kenyan women with almost 100% success. In the past 5 years this program has helped hundreds of women to start businesses to support their families.

Olive Branch

The Olive Branch Microfinance and Vocational Fund is located in the City of Majengo, Kenya.  This fund primarily exists to help widows.  Funds are used to help widows start individual businesses that enable poor widows to support their families and they are also used to start group ventures for the benefit of a group of widows.  Some of the businesses are: baking, sowing and tailoring, candle making, and a school of sowing.

Olive Shoot

The Olive shoot is located in the city of Narok.  This microfinance group gives loans to poor women, but it is also benefits Masaai Girls who have been rescued from abusive enviroments within the Masaai Culture.

The DANSO Microfinance Group

The DANSO Microfinance Group is a microfinance program for Individual living with AIDS.  Small loans from this Microfinance Fund enable people living with AIDS to support their families.  DANSO has also started some group businesses to employ individuals and their family members.  Some of these businesses are Tailoring and Sowing, A Computer training School, Candle-making, A Craft Store and more.

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